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Calcimax Forte Tablet is a medicine that contains Vit D3, Zinc, and Elemental Calcium, essential for bone health.

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Calcimax Forte Tablet is a medicine that contains a combination of Vit D3, Zinc, and Elemental Calcium. This tablet is primarily used to fulfill the calcium and other essential nutrient requirements of the body. Vitamin D3 is an important component that helps in the absorption and utilization of calcium, thereby promoting healthy bones and teeth. Zinc, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in the growth and development of cells, boosting the immune system, and supporting the body’s ability to heal wounds. The elemental calcium present in Calcimax Forte Tablet helps in maintaining bone density and preventing conditions like osteoporosis. It also aids in muscle function and nerve transmission. Overall, Calcimax Forte Tablet is recommended for individuals with calcium and nutrient deficiencies or those who require additional supplementation for bone health and overall wellbeing.

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