Pulmonary medications encompass a range of remedies designed to provide relief from various respiratory conditions such as cough, allergy, and asthma. This category includes syrups, inhalers, rotacaps, respules, and tablets specially formulated to target respiratory issues and ensure improved lung function.

Syrups, with their liquid composition, offer a convenient way to administer medication to individuals experiencing respiratory discomfort. Inhalers, on the other hand, deliver medication directly into the lungs, providing quicker relief for conditions like asthma. Rotacaps, which are capsules containing powdered medication, are unique as they require a specialized inhaler device for administration.

Respules, similar to nebulizers, deliver medication as a fine mist, making them ideal for patients with respiratory conditions who find inhalers difficult to use. Tablets, commonly used for allergy-related respiratory conditions, offer a convenient and precise dosage for efficient and effective treatment.

By offering a diverse range of options, the pulmonary category aims to address various respiratory concerns with tailored medications suitable for different individuals and their specific needs.

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