Uterine relaxants are a class of medications that are specifically designed to reduce the tone and contractions of the uterus. These medications are often used to help prevent premature labor and childbirth. Two examples of popular uterine relaxants are isoxsuprine and ritodrine.

Isoxsuprine is commonly prescribed to pregnant women who may be at risk of premature birth. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles in the uterus, allowing it to remain calm and decrease the frequency and strength of contractions. Ritodrine, on the other hand, is also used to prevent premature labor. It works by mimicking the effects of adrenaline, which helps to relax the uterus and delay labor.

Uterine relaxants play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy pregnancy for women at risk of premature labor. By reducing uterine contractions, they can help prevent complications and give babies more time to develop before entering the world.

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