Over-the-counter (OTC) products refer to medications, treatments, and healthcare products that are available without a prescription from a healthcare professional. These products can be purchased directly from pharmacies, supermarkets, and online retailers, making them easily accessible to consumers.

OTC products cater to a wide range of health needs, including pain relief, cough and cold symptoms, allergies, digestive issues, skincare, and personal care. They offer a convenient and cost-effective option for managing minor ailments and health concerns without the need for a doctor’s visit.

OTC products undergo rigorous testing and have been deemed safe and effective for use by the general population when used as directed. However, it is important for consumers to carefully read and follow the instructions and warnings provided on the packaging to ensure proper usage and prevent any potential risks or adverse effects.

Overall, OTC products play a vital role in providing self-care options to individuals and promoting wellness in the community.

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