Dapasach 10 Tablet is a pharmaceutical product containing Dapagliflozin, used to treat adults with type 2 diabetes.

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Product: Dapasach 10 Tablet

Composition: Dapagliflozin

Dapasach 10 Tablet is a pharmaceutical product that contains the active ingredient Dapagliflozin. It is primarily used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 2. Each tablet of Dapasach 10 contains 10 mg of Dapagliflozin, which helps in controlling blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Dapasach 10 Tablet is used for managing and controlling diabetes mellitus type 2. It helps to lower blood glucose levels by inhibiting the SGLT2 (sodium-glucose cotransporter 2) protein, which is responsible for the reabsorption of glucose from the kidneys. By inhibiting this protein, Dapasach 10 promotes the excretion of excess glucose through urine and thus helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

List of Ailments in Which it is Used:
– Diabetes mellitus type 2: Dapasach 10 Tablet is primarily used to manage type 2 diabetes, where the body becomes resistant to insulin or does not produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels effectively.

Mechanism of Action:
Dapasach 10 Tablet works by inhibiting the SGLT2 protein located in the kidney tubules. The SGLT2 protein reabsorbs most of the glucose filtered through the kidneys back into the bloodstream. By inhibiting this protein, Dapagliflozin prevents the reabsorption of glucose, ensuring that excess glucose is excreted through urine. This mechanism leads to decreased blood glucose levels and improved glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Dapasach 10 Tablet, with its active ingredient Dapagliflozin, is an effective medication for the management of diabetes mellitus type 2. By inhibiting the SGLT2 protein, it aids in reducing blood glucose levels and helps control diabetes. It is an essential pharmaceutical product for individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, ensuring better glycemic control and improved overall well-being. However, it should only be used as per the prescription and guidance of a healthcare professional.

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