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Diligan Tablet is a medicine containing Nicotinic Acid and Meclizine, used for the treatment of nausea and dizziness.

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Diligan Tablet is a medicine that combines the active ingredients Nicotinic Acid and Meclizine. Nicotinic Acid, a form of vitamin B3, is known for its lipid-lowering properties and is used to help regulate cholesterol levels. Meclizine, on the other hand, is an antihistamine that is commonly used to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea. The combination of these two ingredients in Diligan Tablet provides a dual-action medication suitable for patients who not only require cholesterol management but also suffer from motion sickness or vertigo. It helps in reducing cholesterol levels while simultaneously providing relief from symptoms related to motion sickness and vertigo. Patients are advised to follow the prescribed dosage and duration to achieve maximum benefit. It is important to consult a doctor before starting this medication to ensure its suitability for an individual’s specific needs and medical history.

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