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Fourts-B Tablet is a pharma product that contains essential vitamins and L Cystine, supporting immune system, bone health, and promoting hair growth.

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Fourts-B Tablet is a medicine that includes a combination of Vit C (Vitamin C), Folic Acid, Vit D3 (Vitamin D3), and L Cystine. Vit C is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and promoting the growth and repair of tissues. Folic Acid is important for the production of red blood cells and the prevention of certain birth defects. Vit D3 is crucial for the absorption of calcium and maintaining strong bones. L Cystine is an amino acid that helps in the synthesis of proteins. Fourts-B Tablet is primarily used as a nutritional supplement to support overall health and wellbeing. It is especially beneficial for individuals with deficiencies in Vit C, Folic Acid, Vit D3, and L Cystine. This medication helps to replenish these vital nutrients and improve their levels in the body.

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