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Honeysip Syr 60ml is a medicine containing Dextromethorphan and Menthol, providing relief from coughs and soothing the throat.

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Honeysip Syr 60ml is a trusted and effective medicine that provides relief from cough and cold symptoms. It contains two key ingredients, Dextromethorphan and Menthol, known for their therapeutic properties. Dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant that acts on the cough center in the brain to reduce coughing. It helps in soothing the irritated throat and provides relief from persistent coughing. Menthol, on the other hand, has a cooling effect on the throat and helps to alleviate throat irritation, congestion, and discomfort caused by a cold. Honeysip Syr 60ml is an ideal choice for those suffering from dry, persistent cough or chest congestion due to common cold, flu, or allergies. It helps to loosen the mucus and phlegm, making it easier to expel and facilitating easier breathing. The soothing taste and effectiveness of Honeysip Syr provide quick and lasting relief from cough and cold symptoms, making it a preferred choice for adults and children alike. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this medicine.

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