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Huminsulin 50:50 Injection is a medicine containing Insulin Isophane Human and Insulin Soluble, used to manage blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

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Huminsulin 50:50 Injection is a medicine containing a unique combination of Insulin Isophane Human and Insulin Soluble. These two key ingredients work together to regulate blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. Insulin Isophane Human is a long-acting insulin that provides a steady release of insulin throughout the day, while Insulin Soluble is a fast-acting insulin that helps to control blood sugar spikes after meals. Huminsulin 50:50 Injection is primarily used to treat patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who require insulin therapy to manage their condition. By mimicking the natural hormone insulin, this product helps to lower blood sugar levels, allowing patients to maintain stable and healthy glucose levels. It is important to carefully follow the dosage and monitoring instructions provided by your healthcare provider to achieve optimal results with this medicine.

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