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The Hitavada: Mukundrai Brothers completes 75 years of service
The Hitavada

Mukundrai Brothers completes 75 years of service

MUKUNDRAI Brothers a medical shop located at Mahal has completed 75 years in serving the people. The third generation entrepreneur is taking forward the legacy of the business Chirag Vora, with his wife Nirali Vora has completed Masters in Pharmaceuticals from the famous institute NIPER, Chandigarh. Mukundrai Brothers is one of its kind shop in city catering to the needs of people in medicine since 75 years. Chirag Vora, informed that the firm was started in the year 1940. The hard work and dedication of their fore fathers is being carried out and the name has become synonymous with medicine. “We will carry forward the values taught by our fore fathers,” Vora added. They were congratulated by all leading doctors and well wishers.