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The Abdominal Belt (large) 100cm includes both a supportive belt and a tummy trimmer belt, offering comfort and support for the abdominal area.

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The Abdominal Belt (large) 100cm is a medical product designed to provide support and compression to the abdomen. It is made of high-quality, breathable material that ensures comfort and flexibility during use. The belt features an adjustable strap that allows for a secure and personalized fit. The composition of the Abdominal Belt includes a durable belt made of elastic material and an abdominal (Tummy Trimmer) belt that targets the abdominal area specifically. The combination of these components helps to provide firm support to the abdominal muscles, reduces strain, and alleviates discomfort. This Abdominal Belt is recommended for individuals who require abdomen support due to post-operative recovery, abdominal weakness, or lower back pain. It can also be used by those who engage in heavy physical activities to prevent injury or provide additional support.

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