Colgate Active Salt-100G is a toothpaste that contains active salt, providing effective cavity protection and refreshing minty flavor.

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Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste – 100g is a medicine specifically designed for oral care. This toothpaste contains a unique composition that includes active salt, which is known for its antibacterial properties and ability to help fight against common oral problems. Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste is formulated to provide thorough cleaning and protection for teeth and gums. It effectively removes plaque and helps in preventing cavities, tartar, and gum-related issues, such as bad breath and gingivitis. Regular use of Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste promotes stronger teeth, healthier gums, and overall oral hygiene. It is recommended for daily use to maintain a fresh and clean mouth, offering long-lasting freshness and protection. This product is suitable for individuals of all ages and is an essential addition to any dental care routine. Colgate Active Salt Toothpaste is trusted by millions and has been recognized for its quality and effectiveness in oral care.

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