Colgate Max Fresh-40G is a toothpaste that provides long-lasting freshness and deep cleaning for a healthier and brighter smile.

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Colgate Max Fresh-40G is a toothpaste specially formulated to provide maximum freshness and a superior cleaning action. It is composed of a unique blend of ingredients that work together to remove plaque, fight cavities, and leave the mouth feeling clean and refreshed. This toothpaste contains fluoride, which helps to strengthen and protect the teeth against cavities. It also features a cooling mint flavor that provides a long-lasting burst of freshness, ensuring a revitalizing sensation after every use. Colgate Max Fresh-40G toothpaste is recommended for daily use to maintain good oral hygiene. It effectively cleans the teeth and gums, leaving them healthy and free from harmful bacteria. With regular brushing, it helps to prevent dental problems and promotes a brighter, whiter smile. This product is suitable for adults and children, and it comes in a convenient 40g tube, making it ideal for travel or everyday use at home. Incorporate Colgate Max Fresh-40G toothpaste into your oral care routine for a refreshing and effective clean that lasts throughout the day.

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