The Commode Stool is a surgical product designed for medical use, providing convenient and hygienic toileting solutions for individuals with mobility issues.

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Commode Stool with Surgical composition is a medical product designed to provide comfort and assistance to individuals with mobility issues or health conditions that may limit their ability to use a regular toilet. This product is specially equipped with a sturdy frame and a removable bucket underneath the seat for convenient waste disposal. The stool is made using high-quality surgical-grade materials, ensuring durability and hygiene. It is equipped with adjustable height settings and armrests for additional support and ease of use. This commode stool is commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care settings for patients who have undergone surgeries, elderly individuals, or those with temporary or permanent disabilities. It offers a safe and convenient alternative to traditional toilets and helps maintain personal hygiene and independence for individuals with mobility challenges.

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