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The Dimpu Feeding Bottle-125ml is a medicine that includes a feeder, ideal for convenient and hygienic feeding for infants.

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The Dimpu Feeding Bottle- 125ml is a high-quality product designed to make feeding time safe and convenient for infants. This feeding bottle is made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials, ensuring the safety of your baby. The composition of the Dimpu Feeding Bottle- 125ml includes a specialized Feeder. This feeder is meticulously designed to control the flow of milk or formula, allowing for easy and comfortable feeding for babies. The 125ml capacity is ideal for small to moderate feeding portions, suitable for newborns and infants. This Dimpu Feeding Bottle- 125ml is equipped with a secure and leak-proof cap, keeping the contents fresh and preventing spills. It also features easy-to-read volume markings on the side, assisting parents in accurately measuring the amount of milk or formula given to their baby. With its ergonomic shape and lightweight design, the Dimpu Feeding Bottle- 125ml provides ease of use for parents and promotes self-feeding skills for babies. It is an essential and reliable tool for hassle-free feeding experiences.

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