The Flo-RITE Silicone Nipple Shield provides a comfortable and protective barrier for breastfeeding mothers to address nipple soreness or discomfort.

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Flo-RITE Silicone Nipple Shield is a high-quality medical-grade silicone product specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers. It is designed to protect and support sore, cracked, or flat nipples during breastfeeding. This nipple shield is made from 100% BPA-free and non-toxic silicone, ensuring the safety of both the mother and the baby. The shield is soft and flexible, providing a comfortable and natural feeling for the baby while nursing. Flo-RITE Silicone Nipple Shield is easy to use and clean. It provides a barrier between the nipple and the baby’s mouth, reducing discomfort and promoting proper latch. The shield also helps to regulate and control milk flow, making it beneficial for infants who have difficulty breastfeeding. This product helps support successful breastfeeding and provides relief for breastfeeding mothers experiencing nipple discomfort.

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