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Gloeye Tablet is a medicine containing Pycnogenol and Bilberry Extract, designed to promote eye health and improve visual acuity.

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Gloeye Tablet is an innovative medicine that combines the powerful ingredients of Pycnogenol and Bilberry Extract. Pycnogenol, derived from the bark of French maritime pine trees, is known for its antioxidant properties that can protect the eyes from oxidative stress. Bilberry Extract, on the other hand, is rich in anthocyanins, which help improve vision and reduce eye strain. This unique formulation of Gloeye Tablet provides comprehensive eye care benefits. It supports healthy vision, especially in individuals suffering from eye fatigue, dryness, and strain caused by excessive screen time or ageing. Regular intake of Gloeye Tablet may help reduce the risk of eye disorders, improve blood circulation to the eyes, and enhance visual acuity. It is a safe and effective choice for individuals seeking natural solutions to maintain optimal eye health and improve overall visual wellness.

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