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Gumtone Gel 50gm is an Ayurvedic product that promotes healthy gums and fights gum problems.

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Gumtone Gel 50gm is an Ayurvedic medicine specially formulated for oral care. It is composed of natural and herbal ingredients known for their therapeutic properties. This gel effectively treats various oral problems like gum bleeding, inflammation, bad breath, and toothache. The key ingredients of Gumtone Gel are Triphala, Lodhra, Bakul, and Sarsaparilla, all of which have potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Triphala helps in improving oral hygiene, while Lodhra and Bakul soothe irritated gums and promote gum health. Sarsaparilla strengthens the teeth and prevents cavities. Gumtone Gel is easy to apply and provides quick relief from oral issues. Regular use of this Ayurvedic gel helps maintain healthy gums, freshens breath, and prevents dental problems. It is suitable for people of all ages and does not have any known side effects. Overall, Gumtone Gel 50gm is a reliable and natural solution for maintaining optimal oral health.

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