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Kohinoor Extratime 10’s is a pack of condoms that helps to prolong intimate moments.

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Kohinoor Extratime 10’s is a medicine designed to enhance sexual experiences and prolong intimacy. It is a pack of 10 condoms, each made with high-quality latex for optimum safety and pleasure. These condoms are specially formulated with a unique composition aimed at delaying ejaculation, ensuring a longer-lasting intimate experience for both partners. The carefully formulated composition of Kohinoor Extratime utilizes a mild numbing agent to desensitize the male genital area slightly, helping to delay climax without sacrificing sensitivity or pleasure. This allows individuals to enjoy more intimate moments and achieve a greater level of satisfaction. Kohinoor Extratime condoms are reliable and provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies, making them a trustworthy choice for couples seeking a more fulfilling and prolonged sexual experience.

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