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Lewel Tablet is a medicine containing Levocetirizine, used to relieve allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes.

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Lewel Tablet is a medicine that contains Levocetirizine as its active ingredient. Levocetirizine is an antihistamine that is commonly used to treat allergies such as hay fever, hives, and allergic rhinitis. It works by blocking the action of histamine, a substance in the body that causes allergic symptoms. Lewel Tablet is indicated for the relief of symptoms associated with allergic conditions, including sneezing, itching, runny nose, and watery eyes. It provides fast and effective relief from allergy symptoms and helps improve the overall quality of life for individuals suffering from allergies. The dosage may vary depending on the individual’s age, weight, and the severity of their symptoms. Lewel Tablet is a safe and well-tolerated medicine, but like any other medication, it may cause some side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and headache.

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