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Micropore 12mm X 9m is a tape product that provides secure and breathable adhesive support for wound dressings and medical devices.

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Micropore 12mm X 9m is a medical product comprising of a tape that is specifically designed for various uses. It is made up of a gentle and breathable material to ensure comfort and effectiveness in its application. This tape is commonly used in securing dressings, particularly on delicate or sensitive skin areas. The gentle adhesive of Micropore tape allows for easy application and removal without causing any discomfort or irritation to the skin. Its breathable nature ensures proper air circulation to prevent moisture build-up, reducing the risk of infection. Micropore 12mm X 9m is suitable for a wide range of medical applications such as wound dressing, post-surgery care, and immobilization of splints or tubes. It provides reliable fixation while allowing for flexibility and movement of the body part. This non-allergenic tape is a trusted choice for medical professionals and individuals seeking high-quality adhesive support for their healthcare needs.

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