Polo (small) is a lozenge cough medicine providing quick relief for sore throat and cough.

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Polo (small) is a popular lozenge cough medicine that provides soothing relief for coughs and throat irritations. Each lozenge contains a unique composition of cough suppressant ingredients that help to alleviate cough symptoms effectively. The active ingredients in Polo (small) lozenges work by reducing the throat’s sensitivity to irritants, making it an ideal choice for individuals experiencing a dry, irritating cough. Polo (small) lozenges are easy to consume and slowly dissolve in the mouth, releasing the active ingredients to provide instant relief. They are also sugar-free, making them suitable for those with dietary restrictions. The use of Polo (small) lozenges is simple – just place one lozenge in the mouth as needed, allowing it to dissolve naturally. They can be taken on-the-go and are a convenient option to combat cough symptoms wherever you may be. Overall, Polo (small) is a trusted and effective lozenge cough medicine that provides fast, temporary relief from irritating coughs and soothes the throat.

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