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Rumalaya Liniment 60ml is an Ayurvedic medicine for topical application, designed to provide relief from joint and muscle pain.

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Rumalaya Liniment 60ml is an Ayurvedic medicine that provides effective relief from various musculoskeletal conditions. It contains a blend of natural ingredients such as Gandhapura taila, Sarala, Camphor, Mint, and Wintergreen oil. These ingredients work synergistically to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve joint mobility. This liniment is specifically designed to provide targeted relief for arthritic conditions, general joint and muscle pain, stiffness, sprains, and sports injuries. It has a cooling effect that helps soothe sore and fatigued muscles, making it an ideal choice for athletes or individuals engaging in physical activity. Rumalaya Liniment should be applied topically to the affected area and gently massaged until fully absorbed. Its convenient packaging of 60ml makes it portable and easy to use whenever and wherever needed. Overall, Rumalaya Liniment 60ml is a trusted Ayurvedic product that provides natural relief from musculoskeletal discomfort, ensuring improved mobility and enhanced quality of life.

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