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Scalp Vein Set 21g(ramsons) is a medical product containing a Vein Set used for accessing and puncturing veins for various medical procedures.

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The Scalp Vein Set 21g (Ramsons) is a medical device used for venous access in patients. It is particularly designed for scalp veins with a gauge size of 21. The composition of this scalp vein set includes a needle, a flexible tube, and a connector. The 21g needle size refers to the diameter of the needle, with a smaller gauge indicating a larger diameter. This medical device is used primarily for scalp venipuncture and allows for efficient and secure access to the patient’s veins. It is commonly used in medical procedures where scalp veins are accessible or preferable. The Scalp Vein Set 21g (Ramsons) safely and effectively facilitates the collection of blood samples, administering medications, and delivering fluids. Please note that the Scalp Vein Set 21g (Ramsons) should be used only by trained medical professionals following standard aseptic techniques. It is essential to dispose of the used set in accordance with the proper medical waste disposal guidelines.

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