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The Scalp Vein Set 23g (top) contains a vein set used for scalp veins, providing a safe and comfortable solution for medical procedures.

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The Scalp Vein Set 23g (top) is a medical product specially designed for the easy and safe administration of fluids into the veins. It is composed of a Vein Set that consists of a thin-walled, flexible needle made of high-quality stainless steel. The Scalp Vein Set 23g (top) is primarily used for venipuncture on the scalp area, making it ideal for pediatric patients or individuals with difficult-to-reach veins. It facilitates the accurate and precise delivery of medications, blood transfusions, and intravenous fluids directly into the bloodstream. The 23g needle size ensures minimal pain and discomfort during the procedure while allowing for efficient flow rates. With its smooth and sharp tips, the Scalp Vein Set guarantees accurate placement and reduces the risk of vein damage or bruising. The Scalp Vein Set 23g (top) provides a reliable solution for safe and comfortable intravenous therapy and ensures effective treatment delivery.

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