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Stethoscope(micro-TONE) is a medicine containing Milk Shake, designed to improve digestive health and promote calcium intake.

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Stethoscope (micro-TONE) with composition Milk Shake is a unique medicine developed to provide a tasty and convenient way for individuals to consume their daily dose of medication. This distinctive medicine combines the therapeutic benefits of traditional medical treatments with the enjoyable taste and texture of a milkshake. Stethoscope (micro-TONE) with composition Milk Shake is specifically formulated to cater to individuals who struggle with swallowing tablets or capsules. It is designed to be easily ingested, ensuring that patients do not miss their required doses due to difficulty in swallowing or aversion to the traditional medicinal taste. With the power of its active ingredients, Stethoscope (micro-TONE) with composition Milk Shake aids in the treatment of various conditions and ailments. Its use extends across a wide range of medical fields, including pediatric care, geriatric medicine, oncology, and palliative care. This revolutionary product revolutionizes the way medication is taken, providing a pleasant and palatable experience for patients while effectively delivering the necessary treatment.

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