Woodwards Gripe Water is a medicine for infants that helps to relieve discomfort caused by indigestion, colic, and other stomach-related issues.

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Woodwards Gripe Water is a well-known over-the-counter remedy used to relieve colic, gripe, and other stomach discomfort in infants and babies. It is composed of several key ingredients such as dill oil, sodium bicarbonate, and water. Dill oil helps soothe the digestive system and relieve gas, while sodium bicarbonate aids in neutralizing stomach acid and reducing bloating. The gentle formula of Woodwards Gripe Water makes it suitable for infants as young as 1 month old. Woodwards Gripe Water is easy to administer and can be given directly to the baby or added to their feeding bottle. It provides fast and effective relief from cramps, flatulence, and tummy troubles, helping to calm the baby and provide a sense of comfort. With a trusted reputation spanning many years, Woodwards Gripe Water is a trusted choice for parents in need of a safe and natural solution for their baby’s digestive issues.

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